Sunday, 3 August 2008

Personal Information Management!

My goodness. I've just finished organising all the paper copies of literature that I've read as background for this project.

They amount to 2 whole lever-arch files full. Plus a big wallet of PhD print-out, and a folder containing my personal notes on the project (see previous post). That is about twice the volume of paper produced by the entire of the first half of my Masters course (the taught part!).

Of course the estimate is skewed somewhat because I got rid of paper copies of lecture notes that were duplicated online or articles I could get from e-prints etc. So they probably amount to almost the same volume of "printout-inches"!

I'm quite pleased that I've read about the same volume of stuff (measured rather crudely, to be sure) for the self-directed part of the Masters.

Well, my next step is to re-shape the outline of the thesis. This I hope to do by making up lots of cards with headings of varying specificity (oh, sorry, I mean granularity! Must keep up...) and then arranging them in some sort of logical order to demonstrate the narrative (of my argument, not the project chronology).

After that, back to the coding scheme (long sigh...) because I think it can be improved again! I dug up some more references on Information Literacy (that course was almost a year ago so I can be forgiven for forgetting) which shed light on the categories I want to use, and which I was on the verge of essentially duplicating! Gosh, what a lot can be gained (and what effort spared!) by just reviewing the past.

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